Below is a list of travel-related businesses, partners and complementary pages we love and support. Check them out if they may be of service to you as well.

My World Registry

A cash gift registry perfect for those who would like to give or receive travel experiences as gifts for birthdays, graduations, weddings and any special milestone. “It’s like GoFundMe, but positive!”



We are proud members of the largest luxury travel network of the world! We love working with our Virtuoso travel suppliers, as they prove time and time again to give the best, most authentic, highest quality and memorable travel experiences. Contact me for any destinations, accommodations and featured itineraries and special offers you see on their website.


Virtuoso Family Travel Community

We specialize in and have direct access to amazing family travel experiences all over the globe.


Departure Lounge

The most innovative and our very own “mother” travel agency we are stoked to be a part of.


Australis Cruises

We are a certified Australis Specialist, the best way to see the most untouched and beautiful corners of Patagonia wildlife and landscape.


Waldorf School of Bend

We donate 1% of trip cost booked by the school’s community members back to the school.